ᐈ Top 10

A 'Top 10' List is a list in which gets the most popular, trends, or highest-ranking items/entities of any Category.

For Example any media, places, brands, etc.

A 'Top 10' list is a winning format in which we have generally everything to know.

Top 10
The World's Top 10 lists
Almost everyone loves top 10 lists.

Whether it's the world's richest people; most beautiful celebrities, or information on the new products.

Qualities of  Top 10 list:-

Why are 'top10' lists so good?

Points to be Noted:

  • Gets clicks posts with 'top 10' List in the title.
  • Easy to Understand and Read. Readers can have the Suitability to jump to whatever Category of the list they are interested in.
  • Difficult topics/contents can be broken down into smaller parts to make something easier to Understand.
  • The 'Top10' List format is extremely flexible, regardless of the niche: A Top 10 list can be in short or long-form; use text, images, or videos; and we can use it to entertain, notify or educate our Audience.
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