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Memes are Unique in Social Media World. A meme is a Creative idea, behavior, and style in which we see every Content with a different view and Look. Memes spread to the Internet through social media platforms and especially for humorous purposes.

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Daily Memes Part 3 -


Robinhood app blocks user from
Buying gamestop and AMC stocks


GameStop sitting amongst Tesla and
Amazon after reddit users make it a
Fortune 500 company 

Parents be like "we know everything
About you!” and it's all facts from when
You were nine


Your seating plans in school can
Literally change ur whole life



Men always love the ugliest photos of


i'm so glad 13 year old me made a
normal snapchat username





Allen do is lie and be 5'7



Stocks this! stocks that! When is
Someone going to invest in ME???



When you wake up right before your
Alarm starts ringing


When i find out my family ate
Something good while i wasn't around

If your friendship can survive a holiday
together it can survive anything


Middle finger hit different when ur nails
are done


Losing a best friend is probably one of
the worst pains a person can go

You can't force consistency, loyalty, or


Keeping your life private will be the
reson you'll stay winning


My art aged 14         |         My art aged 23

The perfect Valentine's gift doesn't

Quality of friends >Quantity of friends 



Reading cooking instructions off the
bag i just threw out


your third @ is your Valentine's date


Do you guys ever just lose clothes?
Inside ur house?


"thank god it's finally the weekend!
the weekend:

tomorrow marks the start of a
perfectly rectangular February,
something that we only get on the
calendar once every 200 years!!


Who passed their driver license on the
Frist try?

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